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I am a professional travelling tattoo artist specialising in dotwork and geometric tattoos. I have been tattooing with a machine since 2008 but I have over 20 years experience working at the stick and poke method.


Tattooing is an ancient art form, some of the the earliest examples date from the 5th to 4th millennium BC. I do not believe in the elitism amongst some tattoo artists that everyone should serve an apprentice in a studio and that all tattoos should take place in a studio.


Tribal people learnt from their elders and tattooed each other around the fire or in the communal hut. I have also learnt the art of tattooing over many years from other tattoo artists as well as trial and error and have tattooed people in their homes, in vans, in fields, in car parks, by the beach and at festivals.


The stick and poke method comes in many forms, I started tattooing people using a needle and indian ink. Some people call this method prison tattooing or needle and ink. Tribal people from around the world have used sharpened twigs, bone, feathers, even bird claws as methods of applying a tattoo and have used fire ash, plants and minerals as inks.


I do not generally use the stick and poke method anymore and find a machine gives a more consistent result and is much faster.


I specialize in geometric, repeating patterns, fractal, mandala and dot work style of tattooing. This is the style I feel most comfortable with and that I am best at. I also take on other work as you can see by my portfolio. I do not generally take on realistic work but please do contact me with an idea of what you want and I can let you know if it would be something I would do.


I can tattoo a design on you that you have drawn yourself or had drawn or from a printed or downloaded picture. I can also draw you a design after we have discussed what you want. Please be aware that drawing takes time and I do charge for this.


I live in a converted truck and travel Europe with my partner and two dogs. I can tattoo from my truck or at your home.


Before you contact me about getting a tattoo think very carefully. If you have no tattoos think about the fact that you will be marking your body for life! Think about the sort of tattoo you want, where you want it and what size.


The better idea you have of the tattoo you want, the better I am able to prepare the design and quote you a price.


Please contact me here or via my Facebook page with any questions or to make a booking.


Thanks for looking, hope to hear from you soon.

Tattoo care and advice:


A tattoo takes approximately 2 weeks to heal and a further 2-6 weeks to loose the shiny look.


Everyone is different and people experience different healing times.


I recommend using Bepanthen nappy rash cream on new tattoos.


Immediately after having a tattoo it should be wrapped in clingfilm, your tattooist should do this for you. The clingfilm should remain on for at least an hour.


The most important thing to do while your new tattoo is healing is to keep it clean. Wash it three times a day for the first week and twice a day for the second week applying a thin layer of Bepanthen after every wash.


For the first night or two you may want to put clingfilm on again to avoid brushing it against bedding. You may also want to put clingfilm on for work for a day or two if you are in a dusty or dirty environment.


Do not expose a new tattoo to large amounts of water, do not take a bath or swim in a pool or the sea for 4 weeks afterwards. A shower is fine.


Do not expose a new tattoo to the sun, keep it covered at all times for 4 weeks afterwards. Always apply a high factor sun cream to tattoos once healed if exposed to the sun. The sun will damage your tattoo, fade it and spread the ink.


Never pick skin or scabs off a tattoo. New tattoos can scab up and will often itch. Do not scratch or pick them, you will damage the tattoo.


Wear clean loose fitting clothes, use clean towels and clean bedding while your new tattoo is healing.


Go back to your tattoo artist with any questions or problems with your tattoo.


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